Up2Date 7.090 for ASG 7.1 BETA released

This is the third online Up2Date for the public 7.1 BETA, it contains just bugfixes for the BETA. It will not downloaded and installed on ASG 7.011 installations Read more »

ASG Up2date 6.312 released [Middle]

This is just a small bug fix Up2Date including fixes for several issues. Remarks Required previous version is 6.311 Existing configuration will not be changed Middleware will be restarted Active IP... Read more »

ACC Up2Date 1.401 [low]

This small Up2Date fixes some minor issues und prepares in the Command Center the Single Sign On for the ASG V7 WebAdmin. News Added support for ASG V7 WebAdmin Single SignOn... Read more »

Up2Date 7.007 released [Middle]

This Up2Date is a hotfix release for the WebSecurity Reporting backend. In some high-traffic environments the reporting database may grow too fast. Along with this WebSecurity Reporting fix three other issues... Read more »