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Astaro Security Gateway V7 End-of-Life Reminder

As originally announced last year to our partners , Version 7 of Astaro Security Gateway will be end-of-life on December 31st 2012.  As this date approaches we’d like to provide an update on the options available if you still run this version of our product. If you do not have an ASG V7 installation you are unaffected by this announcement (and following ones) and can disregard it.

Up2Date 7.508 Released – Upgrade Appliances to Version 8

This morning, ASG version 7.508 has been released. The focus of this package is a one-touch upgrade from ASG version 7 to version 8 for ASG appliances, along with some final polish to accommodate the GA-release of our Wireless Security products

Status Update – Software error in old Astaro versions

As previously communicated, on Friday August 27th we released a pattern which includes a fix for the y2k38 issue for all “old” versions (ie earlier than 7.507 and 8.001). This fix was applied successfully by the pattern script, but the script had the unwanted side effect of removing a directory on the disk. This directory contains some temporary data used internally by the Astaro system and also, on version 7 systems, it contains a copy of some system libraries.

IPS false-positive can block http download of windows executable

It has come to our attention that a specific intrusion prevention pattern which is normally used to detect .NET exploits is falsely detecting some windows executable downloads to be malicious. You are only affected if you have the IPS system active, if you enabled the category “Attacks against Client Software” -> “Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla)” and set this category to “drop”

Faulty IPS pattern blocks all traffic – How to fix it!

Dear partners and customers, As you might have noticed, our automated IPS pattern test routine has missed a faulty pattern which lead to the distribution of IPS pattern which blocked all communication through the Astaro Security Gateway. I personally apologize for this fault

AxG V7.5 Release Completed

Completing our launch process of Version 7.5, we have released the V7.500 Up2Date to our existing installation base. Users will now be able to update to V7.5 from their existing installations. Two packages have been released, one for the 7.405 users, and another for those still at the last Beta of 7.490.

Astaro Gateway 7.500 Released

We are proud to announce that the General Availability (GA) of 7.500 has been soft-released. 7.500 includes great new features and functions, many of which were requested by our customers. To name just a few, there is a new Intrusion Protection Engine, Real-Time Bandwidth Monitoring, a transparent HTTP proxy mode with captive authentication portal, and the ability to import and export various lists.

ASG Beta 7.500 Launched

I am pleased to announce that the Beta for the next big release of Astaro Gateways (7.500) is now available. While this release will be finalized for all versions of AxG, the Beta phase is only for the Astaro Security Gateway. This release includes exiting new things that were posted, submitted, and/or reviewed by you, our partners and end users via our new feature request portal at feature.astaro.com