Astaro Security Gateway V7 End-of-Life Reminder

As originally announced last year to our partners , Version 7 of Astaro Security Gateway will be end-of-life on December 31st 2012.  As this date approaches we’d like to provide an... Read more »

Up2Date 7.508 Released – Upgrade Appliances to Version 8

This morning, ASG version 7.508 has been released. The focus of this package is a one-touch upgrade from ASG version 7 to version 8 for ASG appliances, along with some final... Read more »

Status Update – Software error in old Astaro versions

As previously communicated, on Friday August 27th we released a pattern which includes a fix for the y2k38 issue for all "old" versions (ie earlier than 7.507 and 8.001). This fix... Read more »

IPS false-positive can block http download of windows executable

It has come to our attention that a specific intrusion prevention pattern which is normally used to detect .NET exploits is falsely detecting some windows executable downloads to be malicious. You... Read more »