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Lots of 0day – WSWiR Episode 136

Every network admin I know is buried under a list of tasks, and has little time to spend learning about the latest information security news. If that sounds like you, check out our weekly news recap video. This episode, from the third week of January, covers rumors the NSA hacked North Korea, a warning about attackers exploiting an zero day Flash flaw, Oracle’s quarterly critical patch day, and more

WatchGuard Technologies: Best-in-Class by Design

WatchGuard Technologies: Best-in-Class by Design WatchGuard’s XTM line of powerful, multipurpose appliances has been engineered to seamlessly integrate many security controls into one easy to manage package. Each security service leverages the advanced technology of a thoroughly vetted industry luminary (AVG, WebSense, Commtouch, BroadWeb, Kaspersky, etc.). Layer-by -layer, this stacks up to superior defense-in-depth when compared to the solutions of our competitors, who largely take a “do it all by ourselves” approach to tackling the many different and unique security challenges out there

Your IT-land needs you!

Today and tomorrow the German Federal Ministry of Interior has launched a nationwide IT-security event with the illustrious description “5th Strategic Crisis Management Exercise” – code named “LÜKEX 11”. Within the scope of this event the government, federal states, organizations and companies likewise practice for the IT emergency in a concerted project.

Astaro Gateway 7.500 Released

We are proud to announce that the General Availability (GA) of 7.500 has been soft-released. 7.500 includes great new features and functions, many of which were requested by our customers. To name just a few, there is a new Intrusion Protection Engine, Real-Time Bandwidth Monitoring, a transparent HTTP proxy mode with captive authentication portal, and the ability to import and export various lists.