Your IT-land needs you!

Today and tomorrow the German Federal Ministry of Interior has launched a nationwide IT-security event with the illustrious description “5th Strategic Crisis Management Exercise” – code named “LÜKEX 11”. Within the scope of this event the government, federal states, organizations and companies likewise practice for the IT emergency in a concerted project.

As a result the organizers want to create effective defenses against the more and more frequent attacks at IT infrastructures. “Think Big” seems to be the slogan of this occasion which even is very helpful due to organizational issues on a nationwide scale. But while LÜKEX might help the government to analyze potential weaknesses amid the big players, the real challenge starts right at the endpoint: Without securing networks of end-users at home and business LÜKEX and Co. are not worth a thing. Therefor we will use the current event as an opportunity to announce the “1st Strategic Crisis Exercise on how to make your wireless networks unbreakable” today and teach LÜKEX the ins and outs! Just keep 6 ways to strengthen your wireless network’s protection in mind. Your IT-land needs you!


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