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ManageEngine Desktop Central: Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software

Do You Need an Easy Way to Manage Your Organization’s Desktops & Mobile Devices? Introducing ManageEngine Desktop Central – Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software. Desktop Central is a unified endpoint management solution that helps you manage your servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones & tablets from a central location. Download Your 30-Day Trial at manageengine.optrics.com/DesktopCentral and […]

Desktop Central Now Automates Linux Management

Over the past several years, ​ we have seen rapid growth in the usage of Linux computers within enterprises. Programmers all around the world are turning to Linux as an alternative to other operating systems because of its ​   simple installation process and ease of use. Moreover, Linux offers more flexibility and configuration options in comparison to Windows and Mac

Monitor WiFi Status with Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Windows 7 Desktop Gadget

Free Download: http://win7gadgets.com/pc-system/xirrus_wi-fi_monitor.html Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor is a simple Windows gadget that looks like a radar and shows all the available Wi-Fi networks and their relative range. It is a small toll that doesn’t take up that much space and can forever be turned on in your sidebar. Click here to learn more about Xirrus’ […]

Windows Desktop Naming Convention Unveiled

I was sitting in an interview in Dubai, UAE , discussing the finer points of Active Directory, provisioning users, user life cycle management, monitoring AD changes, recovering from AD changes, etc. During our conversation, we got onto the issue of Windows desktops and the history of Microsoft and the desktop. We noticed that there is a distinct pattern of good and not-so-good (OK, in some cases AWFUL) operating systems.