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Desktop Central is, now available in Mandarin

Desktop central is a systems management product that enables to manage Desktops, Laptops and mobile devices. With Desktop Central you can perform Software Deployment , Patch Management , Asset Management , Remote Desktop Sharing , Service Pack Deployment , Configurations , Active Directory Reports , User Logon Reports and Windows System Tools , which is now available in Mandarin. In addition to Server and desktop management, Desktop Central also enables managing your mobile devices to perform Profile Management , Asset Management , App Management , and Security Management .

Advanced Persistent Threats: A Breakdown

It seems that lately, threats that were once were simply known as “malware” or “viruses” have been elevated to the status of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), a term that has strategically been used to strike fear in the hearts of consumers. These days, APTs have a much more common presence in the media, and some of the most notorious have included major global threats such as Ghostnet (a botnet deployed in various offices and embassies to monitor the Dalai Lama agenda), Shady RAT (like Ghostnet but with government and global corporate targets), Operation Aurora (a threat that monitored Chinese dissidents’ Gmail accounts in 2009) and Stuxnet (an attempt to disrupt Iran’s uranium enrichment program) in 2010

ASG Up2date 6.302 released [Middle]

Up2Date 6.302 includes a security fix for a virus scan engine, a fix for the HTTP Proxy Report and a correction in the Chinese language file. All ASG 420/425 appliance users should install the Up2Date as soon as possible, because it includes a fix for the sometimes not properly working Ethernet NICs 4-7