Status Update – Software error in old Astaro versions

As previously communicated, on Friday August 27th we released a pattern which includes a fix for the y2k38 issue for all “old” versions (ie earlier than 7.507 and 8.001).

This fix was applied successfully by the pattern script, but the script had the unwanted side effect of removing a directory on the disk. This directory contains some temporary data used internally by the Astaro system and also, on version 7 systems, it contains a copy of some system libraries. These libraries were replaced by another pattern which was delivered approximately 2-3 hours later (depending on the version running).

Most customers and systems should not have experienced any issue. The system was correctly patched and the y2k38 problem has be circumvented.

However, the loss of temporary data meant that HA systems appeared to have lost the link between master and slave. In fact, they have not and the HA system is working normally, but WebAdmin does not show the correct status. This issue has, in almost most cases, been resolved either by rebooting the system or by an additional pattern which has been delivered on Monday and Tuesday (depending on the version). Although working correctly, we recommend that HA systems are rebooted at the next available maintenance window.

If a license was uploaded during the 2-3 hour period, then the new license was not recognised (because of a missing library) and the system reverted to a trial license. Uploading a new license once the library was replaced corrected this.

If the system was rebooted during the 2-3 hour period, the Astaro system fails to start. It was then necessary to log on through the console and manually recreate the missing directory and copy the missing libraries.

I and my team are clearly embarrassed to have to report such a situation and we sincerely hope that you have not been too inconvenienced by this issue. I understand that this is not an acceptable level of quality and that you should, and do, expect better from Astaro. We need to earn your trust and have therefore immediately made some changes to our software delivery process to eliminate these mistakes and ensure that in future we do meet your expectations as a partner.

Richard Walford


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