Astaro Security Gateway V7 End-of-Life Reminder

As originally announced last year to our partners, Version 7 of Astaro Security Gateway will be end-of-life on December 31st 2012.  As this date approaches we’d like to provide an update on the options available if you still run this version of our product. If you do not have an ASG V7 installation you are unaffected by this announcement (and following ones) and can disregard it. If however you maintain an active installation of ASG V7, you should read on for what the sun setting on this version means for you.

On December 31st 2012, we will conclude all maintenance, security patching, updates, and any further kind of support for Astaro Security Gateway (ASG) Version 7. Before this date occurs, you should migrate to the latest stable version – either to ASG V8 or its successor UTM V9 that will launch in July 2012.  Customers with an existing valid license and maintenance can choose several paths for upgrading their installation to a newer version. For a complete list of current options, pricing, and anything not covered in this reminder announcement, you should always contact your partner or sales representative who will be happy to assist you in answering any questions.
Installations running an ASG V7 software appliance on their own hardware need to install an updated version and then restore a backup file of their configuration, which will apply all your settings except for log files and on-box reports. Logs can be exported in bulk from within the WebAdmin beforehand, while reports will begin anew on your updated platform as existing ones will be purged. If you have an Astaro Security Gateway hardware appliance running V7.510+, there is the option from the Up2Date menu to one-touch-upgrade to ASG V8. This will bring you to the V8 platform automatically, but will require further Up2Dates to be applied after the migration is complete to bring you to the very latest release of the V8 platform. This summer in July of 2012, we will release UTM 9 which is currently in open beta. This platform cannot be directly upgraded to from ASG V7 via a one-touch operation. In order to move from ASG V7 to UTM 9, you will need to re-install UTM 9 when it is released and then restore a backup file. Most features should import successfully, but for best results you should first restore your backup into ASG V8 and then take a backup from that platform into UTM 9.
As we move closer to the End-of-Life date for V7, we will send out additional notices and information covering this topic via email to registered V7 administrators, our Partner newsletter, and other channels. Our newest versions offer complete security, better performance, and hundreds of new features to make your business safer and more productive. We look forward to having you as customer on our latest technology.
-Angelo Comazzetto
Sr. Product Manager


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