Release Candidate 1 (RC1) for ASG V7.200 BETA released

This is the first Release Candidate for the public V7.200 BETA, it contains multiple bugfixes, some feature and performance improvements. Read more »

ACC Up2Date 1.401 [low]

This small Up2Date fixes some minor issues und prepares in the Command Center the Single Sign On for the ASG V7 WebAdmin. News Added support for ASG V7 WebAdmin Single SignOn... Read more »

ISO 7.006 released

This ISO images includes all previous Up2Date packages and is the most recent version of ASG V7. It should be used to install ASG V7 from scratch on custom hardware (not... Read more »

ACC 1.400 released [Middle]

This new ISO and Up2Date changes the GUI to the new look&feel to the ASG V7 style and it adds V7 support. Read more »