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ACC Up2Date 1.401 [low]

This small Up2Date fixes some minor issues und prepares in the Command Center the Single Sign On for the ASG V7 WebAdmin. News Added support for ASG V7 WebAdmin Single SignOn – the necessery part in V7 will be aded in one of the next V7 Up2Date packages Bugfixes ID6435 Commandserver may crash on confirming devices ID6550 Scheduled maintenance fails when employed for several devices ID6667 UPS charge may show red for ASG V7 devices Download Information The Astaro Up2Date technology makes it easy to upgrade your installed Astaro Command Center to the latest version: Start the Up2Date under ” ACC Management > > Maintenance “.

Up2Date 7.001 released [HIGH]

7.001 is a bugfix only Firmware Up2Date. It fixes a serious bug in the reporting und Up2Date, a small HA/Cluster sync problem and some other smaller issues. It is recommended to update your unit to ASG 7.001 as soon as possible.  In ASG version 7.000, the automatic firmware download function is impaired

ASG V7 GA released !

Astaro is pleased to announce the availability of the Astaro Security Gateway V7 GA. Version 7 contains a huge number of advanced features and enhancements like transparent e-mail encryption, SSL VPN, active/active clustering and control of instant messaging and peer-to-peer file sharing traffic.   Thanks to anybody who contributed to this major release! We received a tremendous amount of excellent feedback during our BETA test.

ACC Up2Date 1.201 [low]

Version 1.201 is a bug fix update which fixes seven bugs, including the limitation that Webadmin Single-Sign-On only works if ASG uses webadmin port tcp/443. – read on to get the details…  WebAdmin Single-Sign-On (SSO) now also works on non-standard tcp ports ACC now supports WebAdmin SSO also for ports other than tcp/443

ASG Up2date 6.300 released [Middle]

Version 6.300 includes some highlights: performance improvments for IPS and Anti-Virus of more than 50%, deletion of NTLM credentials and two new SMTP recipient white lists (global or just for Anti-Spam). And it includes of course also many bug fixes – read on to get the details…  SMTP recipient whitelists There are two new whitelist: one in the spam section to exclude recipients from spam check and a global whitelist to exclude recipients from all checks (even from virus scanning): Performance improvments for IPS and Anti-Virus We optimized the search algorithm for IPS engine, with only 10MB of additional RAM usage, the perforce increases by more than 50%. This optimization is only enabled for machines with more than 256 MB RAM