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Sophos UTM Manager 4 Released

Today we have officially released Sophos UTM Manager 4. The next evolution of the product formerly known as Astaro Command Center (ACC), Sophos UTM Manager (SUM) 4 lets you centrally montior, configure, and report on multiple Sophos UTM installations. Like ACC, SUM is offered completely free of charge, simply download it and run it on your own hardware, almost any virtualization platform (Eg. VMware) or inside the Amazon Cloud using our pre-built AMI

Astaro Updated Astaro Command Center

Astaro has officially announced the availability of the Astaro Command Center version 2.1. The newest version of the free central management tool includes updated and new functions that enable Astaro partners to offer managed security services. To register for a personal license key of the Astaro Command Center version 2.1 visit: http://www.astaro.com/download/acc More information can be found here: http://www.astaro.com/news-events/press-releases/astaro-command-center-version-2-1 And here: http://up2date.astaro.com/2009/11/astaro_command_center_21_relea.html READ MORE

Astaro Command Center 2.1 Released

Astaro has today made available the soft-release of the next Astaro Command Center (ACC) version – our tool for centrally managing Astaro devices. Whether you have two or two-hundred+ installations, ACC gives you a central point for monitoring, configuring, and reporting. Today's release will allow anyone at Beta Version 2.070 or Stable Version 2.000 to Up2Date to ACC 2.1 via manual FTP download

Up2Date ACC 1.903 Released

A new Up2Date 1.903 for Astaro Command Center is now available for download and installation. This is a stability release to further solidify your ACC installation. Additionally it will support new and upgraded appliance models in accordance to the Astaro Gateway Product line Up2Date 7.306.

Up2Date 1.810 for ACC V1.9 BETA released

This is the first Up2Date for the public ACC V1.9 BETA, it contains bugfixes as well as some small improvements for the BETA. It will not be downloaded and installed on ACC V1.4x installations.   Remarks This is the first update for ACC V1.9 BETA Existing configuration will not be changed   System will be reboot after Up2Date News Gateway Manager Numerous enhancements to usability and navigational aspects History and auditing capability for unscheduled actions Additional tooltip information for Availability and Resource views Earlier warnings and threat signaling if thresholds are exceeded WebAdmin added DNS configuration menu added external SMTP server for notifications General Fixed several bugs and resolved several cosmetic issues For more information please see the corresponding UBB-posting at our User Bulletin Board

ACC 1.300 released [middle]

This new ISO and Up2Date introduces new ACC features: Enhanced Fine-Grained Access Control for the Role-Based Multi- Admin System Real-Time Monitoring of High Availability Bundles Local ASG Up2Date Cache Dashboard List-View Backup and Restore of ACC Data … and a lot smaller improvements and bugfixes. It also increases the number of supported devices to 500