Astaro Command Center 2.1 BETA Release Candidate

As we move towards a GA version of our new Astaro Command Center 2.1, today we have released a Release Candidate which is very close to the final version, currently slated for release in mid-December if the development and testing schedule continues on course.

For this release, numbered ACC Beta 2.070, we have both an Up2Date for existing V2.060 installations and a full 2.070 ISO image. For our users of ACC who did not want to re-install in order to use the new ACC 2.1 BETA features like aggregated device reporting, new central objects support, and improved role management, we also have an Up2Date package for moving from our production ACC V2 to BETA V2.070. Read on for details and download links!  


We have issued TWO Up2Dates this time, one for existing BETA testers and one for users of the production/stable ACC V2. Please be sure you download the correct package!


  • Usability enhancements for new Aggregated Reporting feature
  • Bug fixes based on UBB feedback and Internal QA testing
  • Updated online-help(s) and manual(s) for both Gateway Manager and WebAdmin GUI
  • Updated Installer and Kernel  

Download Information

ACC ISO (Software Appliance on your own X86 Hardware):

Size: 534M (558.931.968 bytes)
MD5sum: c91bda9e7e22df9d7dbc1c49c0c8ed82

ACC Up2Date (2.000-2.070 for users of the existing production ACC version):

Size: 287M (300.767.414 bytes)
MD5sum: 722d6438ad248f77473f91ae6ae33b19

ACC U2D (2.060-070 for existing BETA testers)

Size: 111M (116.374.572 bytes)
MD5sum: f70ff6a191eee0d9941dabb15ba18b1d


For the original ACC 2.1 Beta announcement, please read here. Please post all Beta feedback (no matter how big or small) and discuss any of the ACC 2.1 features on our Beta Forum for this Version.

Testing Rewards
Your feedback is important to us. You catch things we might miss. You use the product in ways we might not have considered. And the more eyes we have on a version, the better the chance we are able to identify and resolve something early. It allows us to deliver a final product to you of the highest quality for use in a production network. As a result, participants in our Beta Program for ACC V2.1 will have the chance to win one of three Amazon Gift Cards totaling over 600 dollars. Please qualify by actively posting and participating in discussions on our Beta version forum. At the end of the test, we will award prizes to the top participants.

-Your Astaro Product Management Team


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The original article/video can be found at Astaro Command Center 2.1 BETA Release Candidate

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