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Hacktivism: How to stay one step ahead of this troublesome trend

Organizations need to be aware of the changing landscape of non-violent political expression. Socially minded hackers worldwide have expressed themselves in a variety of ways, from attacks against government websites to simple twitter hacks of celebrities to sending unintended endorsements of a political view or vote

Do you still keep your administrative passwords in text files and spread sheets?

Modern IT and other enterprises are heavily dependent on servers, databases, network devices, security infrastructure and other software applications for their day-to-day operations. These infrastructure are accessed and controlled through administrative passwords.

I don’t need to filter web traffic, I trust my employees

I occasionally hear this argument against the use of web content filtering and it is great to hear- but things aren't that simple. Part of the reason managers and employers can trust their employees is that they have built a good working environment, where employees work together and get their jobs done with minimal supervision.

Astaro Command Center 2.1 Released

Astaro has today made available the soft-release of the next Astaro Command Center (ACC) version – our tool for centrally managing Astaro devices. Whether you have two or two-hundred+ installations, ACC gives you a central point for monitoring, configuring, and reporting. Today's release will allow anyone at Beta Version 2.070 or Stable Version 2.000 to Up2Date to ACC 2.1 via manual FTP download