Why Retail and Consumer Goods Organizations Need Security

Retail, wholesale and consumer goods organizations face unique security challenges. Each new transaction adds information into the organization's database that can be stolen. Storing personal information such as credit card numbers, addresses and even social security numbers creates a tempting target for cybercriminals.

A security breach at a retail, wholesale or consumer goods organization damages the organization's reputation and could cause customers to shop elsewhere. Additionally, government, and trade organization regulations such as PCI standards require these organizations to secure this data to prevent the loss of data and indentify theft. Because these organizations often have multiple locations in addition to a corporate headquarters securing data can be a difficult task.

One solution is to deploy an information security product that at each location that allows for central management at the home office. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to administer these products will protecting the entire network. Protecting an organization from external threats is crucial; however, retail, wholesale and consumer goods organizations need to protect themselves from internal breaches as well. The majority of breaches originate from accidental downloads of malicious content by employees.

Content filtering capabilities allow organizations to block access to websites with malicious content and prevent threats from being downloaded in the first place. If a computer on the network somehow becomes infected, a strong information security product will provide proactive notifications and quarantines of network traffic breaches and infections so network administrators at retail institutions can react to breaches before infections spread to the entire organization – protecting customer data and your organization's reputation.

Here are some examples of how retail, wholesale or consumer goods companies have protected their networks: Kauffman Tire Hannoush Jewelers


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