Astaro Command Center 2.1 Released

Astaro has today made available the soft-release of the next Astaro Command Center (ACC) version – our tool for centrally managing Astaro devices. Whether you have two or two-hundred+ installations, ACC gives you a central point for monitoring, configuring, and reporting.

Today's release will allow anyone at Beta Version 2.070 or Stable Version 2.000 to Up2Date to ACC 2.1 via manual FTP download. Beta Testers will also be able to Up2Date normally via the ACC WebAdmin, as if you are running the Beta the 2.100 Up2Date will be pushed to you.  

Release Schedule

At the end of next week, we will have a full release of ACC 2.1 via an Up2Date push to installed locations, along with full installation ISO's images and VMware images for download. This is one of our most exciting releases yet, and Astaro Command Center remains free of charge as a software or virtual appliance, and running on various official Astaro appliances for a nominal hardware fee. Read on for the full details! Building on Version 2.0 of the Astaro Command Center which introduced the ability to configure and work with site-to-site VPN tunnels, Version 2.1 offers new and evolved features to make the administrators life easier.

You will find a brand new Global Definitions feature, allowing Network and Service objects to be defined within ACC and then pushed to multiple Astaro installations instantly. The administrator can push, update, revoke and work with the in dozens of ways, even sharing objects between separated companies managed by the same ACC installation. We have a new Organizational Unit structure which allows the same ACC installation to manage different companies using multiple devices each, all with different levels of administrators and their employees.

We then took the time to add in a new central reporting and aggregation section, so you can see lots of detailed information about surfing, network usage (and over 20 other reports!) and even combine reports from multiple devices together to view aggregated results and totals. For those that like to have their realm graphically displayed, the ACC Worldmap has had new features and visuals added so you can see all your devices around the globe on an interactive map in real-time.

Astaro Command Center 2.1 Features

Organizational Unit Structure

  • Encapsulate devices and objects (Such as customer-specific containers)
  • Gives Partners many options for client and device management
  • Elevates the multi-client capabilities of ACC to new heights with almost limitless combination's
  • Improves overview, scalability and eases ACL handling

Global Definitions Capability 

  • Make once, use many approach
  • Centrally manage and roll-out Network and Service Definitions
  • Automatic re-synchronization of deployed definitions when updated
  • Merge existing local definitions with their new central counterparts
  • Use “shared” Global Definitions on devices in separate Organizations

Device-based Reporting 

  • At-a-glance graphical reporting of daily hardware (resource), network and security status
  • Historical reporting of weekly, monthly and yearly time-frames
  • Capability for zooming-in, comparing and sorting of reporting graphs
  • Eliminates having to visit devices manually to view reports

Aggregated Reporting

  • Generate reports of combined data from any desired number of devices
  • Choose from pre-defined time frames or define a custom duration
  • Print reports, drill-down to precise details, and use sorting and comparison features
  • Create reports per managed organization or other flexible criteria such as by region
  • Covers Accounting, Network Security, Web Security and Mail Security aspects
  • More than 20+ reports are currently/already available, with more planned for the future!


  • Astaro Command Center remains a FREE product
  • Personalized ACC keys will be made available next week  


  • The new features in ACC V2.1 require an Astaro Installation at 7.501+  

Download Information

This new release is being made available initially as an Up2date package from Stable Version 2.000 or Beta Version 2.070, which must be manually loaded into WebAdmin. ISO's, Virtual Machine Images, and an Up2Date via our Content Distribution Network will be released next week.  

ACC Up2Date from Stable 2.000 –> Version 2.100:

Size: 291M (304.640.462 bytes)
Md5sum: 097a33c385a1fd9b384b09b43e37664d

ACC Up2Date from BETA 2.070 –> Version 2.100:

Size: 43M (44.622.440 bytes)
Md5sum: 5dd4d9c778616bcd2dc34546058f3498

Astaro ACC Download Mirrors:

Note: These may take some time to synchronize.  
Astaro US
Astaro US2
Astaro Germany
Astaro Germany2

If you want to provide feedback or want to discuss any of the ACC V2.1 features you should post it on our User Bulletin Board. Please take care to always(!) add the version you refer to (e.g. “[2.1] Global Objects Push…”). If you have feedback to our documentation (Online Help) please send it to

There is also a demo server which will run ACC Version 2.1 shortly:

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