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National Cyber Security Awareness Month Contest Winners

As part of National CyberSecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), Astaro held a video contest asking “Why is cyber security awareness important and what are you doing to stay safe online?” for a chance to win a laptop. The videos that came in were very creative and we enjoyed them very much

Goodbye to an Uncommon Security Professional

It is with great sadness that we announce Jack Daniel is leaving Astaro . For the past ten years Astaro has grown and developed to become one of the leading network security companies in the market. This growth is in part due to our strong product line and singular focus to provide easy-to-use security solutions, but it is also due to our involvement in the security community

The True Role of Support – not just fixing problems

I imagine that minutes after the first computer program was created the first support team was born. Over the years the association between support departments and fixing troubleshooting customer issues has become so strong that many (even some in support) believe this is the only responsibility of the support team.

I don’t need to filter web traffic, I trust my employees

I occasionally hear this argument against the use of web content filtering and it is great to hear- but things aren't that simple. Part of the reason managers and employers can trust their employees is that they have built a good working environment, where employees work together and get their jobs done with minimal supervision.