Goodbye to an Uncommon Security Professional

It is with great sadness that we announce Jack Daniel is leaving Astaro.

For the past ten years Astaro has grown and developed to become one of the leading network security companies in the market. This growth is in part due to our strong product line and singular focus to provide easy-to-use security solutions, but it is also due to our involvement in the security community.

For the past several years, Jack Daniel has pushed Astaro to be more involved in the security community first as a Support Engineer and then as our Community Development manager.

Jack initiated our involvement with organizations such as NAISIG and the Security BSides un-conferences. He helped drive our social media initiatives on Twitter and was a frequent visitor and contributor to our Up2Date blog and Astaro Security Perspectives blog.

When Jack informed us that he would be leaving Astaro, it was clear this decision came after much thought and contemplation. The position that awaits him at Tenable Network Security will offer new opportunities and challenges and we respect his decision. We are disappointed to see Jack leave, but we are excited for the opportunity that awaits him in his new role and understand that sometimes great people are hard to keep – no matter how hard you try. It is no surprise that another company recognized Jack’s abilities.

Astaro will continue to participate in the Security BSides conferences as well as the other programs Jack worked on. We are still committed to the security community and look forward to interacting with Jack during these events. His direct contributions to Astaro will be missed, but as long as he is involved in the security field we all benefit from will knowledge and perspectives.

Goodbye, Jack, and good luck.


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