Patch Manager Plus is among B2B review platform’s top performing patching solutions

Patch Manager Plus is among B2B review platform’s top performing patching solutions

Patch Manager Plus is among B2B review platform’s top performing patching solutions

CompareCamp is a trusted B2B review platform manned by leading industry experts that evaluate SaaS tools. It’s a credible source of SaaS reviews that provides tips, information, and analysis to help businesses select the right software.

According to the experts at CompareCamp and users of the platform, Patch Manager Plus is one of the market’s top-performing patch management and distribution solutions. After analyzing the product, CompareCamp has presented Patch Manager Plus with two awards: the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star of 2019 Award.

Great User Experience Award

Patch Manager Plus received the Great User Experience Award for its use of automation tools that save valuable time. A great deal of vulnerabilities (approximately 85 percent according to some studies) can be prevented by the timely patching of software present in business networks.

Manually performing patch-related tasks, like checking for new updates, downloading the necessary patches, and deploying them, increases the likelihood of overlooking business-critical security measures that could make all the difference.

CompareCamp experts reported that Patch Manager Plus’ Automate Patch Deployment (APD) feature requires only a one-time setup, after which it automatically scans systems at the specified time, detects missing patches, and deploys them to target systems. This effectively tightens network security by reducing an organization’s overall attack surface. Patch Manager Plus sends notifications to let admins know the deployment progress and the state of managed systems.

The product dashboard has a number of interactive charts as well as trend matrices, and displays patch-related data such as missing patches, patches awaiting approval, and the number of active APD tasks. This dashboard makes it easier for users to quickly gather patch-related information.

Rising Star of 2019 Award

Our patching solution also received the Rising Star of 2019 Award for its robust security and the customization options available from the product console. Users can create flexible deployment policies that have more granular control over the distribution of updates. They can also set up multiple deployment policies to run at specified time slots without affecting employee productivity.

According to CompareCamp, Patch Manager Plus is known for its ease of patching third-party applications. This is made possible with the large repository of over 650 patches for more than 350 third-party apps, all ready to be deployed right from the console.

Experts at CompareCamp also complimented Patch Manager Plus’ Test and Approve feature as a safe method for deploying and installing patches to crucial systems like servers. This feature minimizes the chance of downtime by first testing patches in the IT admin’s environment before deployment.

Patch Manager Plus was also commended on how it seamlessly distributes patches to Windows, macOS, and Linux systems from the same interface without requiring an add-on or auxiliary tool.

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