ASG Up2Date 7.513 Released

Today we have released ASG 7.513 for those customers still using this old version. This Up2Date is designed to provide an announcement that only a few days is left before ASG... Read more »

ASG 8.308 Up2Date Released

We have started to spread ASG Up2Date 8.308, which finalizes the process for one-touch upgrading to UTM 9 for supported appliances by solving a few issues and polishing the operation across... Read more »

Secure Wifi Access with FortiGate

With this video, you're going to learn how to secure your FortiGate unit's wifi networks, allowing only authorized users to access the network and the web. Securing your network will prevent unwanted... Read more »

Up2date 7.512 Released

Following the release of an Up2Date for our Version 8 line, we also have a release for Astaro Security Gateway Version 7 which is designed to address a connectivity issue with... Read more »