New Revisions of UTM 525 and UTM 625 Released

In response to market demand for Next Generation Firewall capabilities, we have just launched two enhanced high-end Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances, Sophos UTM 525 and 625.

Both models are ideal for larger organisations that require greater throughput speeds and more flexible deployment options. The Sophos UTM 525 and 625 are both based on the latest Intel Sandy Bridge server technology (using Intel Multi-Core Xeon CPUs) for optimum performance.

We have included significant performance and flexibility enhancements in our new enterprise appliances, such as increased firewall throughput speeds of up to 300 percent to 40 Gbps (UTM 625), as well as the option of field-replaceable LAN modules, which extend the UTM appliances to meet the diverse needs of these organizations.  Using these LAN modules, enterprises can configure the Sophos UTM devices to scale their deployment for use in any size organization, even where multiple 10Gbps-Ethernet connections are required.
The units provide the option of three different LAN modules all of which can be replaced at any time they simply slot into place. The supported interfaces include:

  •     8-port 1GbE copper module
  •     8-port 1GbE fiber module
  •     2-port 10GbE fiber module

This means that both 1GbE copper/fiber and 10GbE fiber ports are now supported by both models. But the best thing is that despite the increased performance and additional features the prices will remain the same.



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