Sophos RED 50 Released

We have just launched our new Remote Ethernet Device, the Sophos RED 50.

Sophos RED 50 is the new flagship of the Sophos Remote Ethernet Device product line. The difference is in the performance, connectivity and operation – which makes the RED 50 ideal for those customers who need to protect larger branch offices with demand for load balancing or failover connections.


You get all the same great quick set-up and complete security benefits in this new RED device – but it will be a whole new level when it comes to performance. With more than ten times the throughput speeds of the current RED 10 device. The performance improvement is delivered by a completely new chip inside the device. This uses hardware-accelerated encryption to hit an impressive 360 Mbit/s compared to 30 Mbit/s for the RED 10.  This means for a remote office that need to send larger files or maybe has a daily data backup run that previously may have taken hours could now take minutes.


The new unit comes with a 4-port Gigabit switch and has two Gigabit wide area network interfaces so it can be connected to two Internet connections. This means where needed bandwidth load can be balanced for example allowing users to access the web while keeping a dedicated line for critical business data. Or it could be used simply for failover protection, should one line go down you have the connection options required to maintain network access.

In addition to that, RED 50 comes with two USB ports, which will allow simultaneous UMTS and Wi-Fi operation (together with Sophos AP 5).


Unlike the RED 10 which has no button or user interface and is only configured centrally the RED 50 introduces an LCD screen and navigation keys. This doesn’t mean it’s more complex to install it’s still configured and managed centrally, but some useful information can also be accessed locally if required which for a more powerful device will be useful.

RED 50 at a glance

  •     Heavy-duty steel chassis
  •     LCD screen with navigation keys (keys are still not operable at the moment)
  •     2 GbE WAN ports
  •     4 GbE LAN ports
  •     2 USB 2.0 ports
  •     360 Mbit/s VPN throughput

As you’d expect the increased performance and additional features are reflected in a higher price point for the RED 50, with the RED 10 being approximately half the retail price of the RED 50 in all markets.


  • Sophos UTM 9.005 (will be available soon)


  • The navigation keys of the LCD screen of Sophos RED 50 are not operable. This will be fixed with one of the next firmware updates of Sophos RED 50.



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