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Hack – Como hackear msn 2012 fácil

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Hack wifi infinitum 4 digitos

mac2wepkey.pyhttp://www.mediafire.com/?s7bmu57wjlijtixxirrus: http://adf.ly/7KjAJpython: http://adf.ly/7KjDmlos links estan funcionando solo esperen a ke en la esquina superior derecha aparece un conteo amarillo… esperen y despues dice saltar publicidad… y ya descarganClick here to learn more about Xirrus’ wireless networking solutions

IE11 0day XSS Flaw – Daily Security Byte EP.17

Beware of phishers leveraging a new zero day Internet Explorer (IE) 11 flaw that affects the latest, fully-patched version of Windows. Click play for details. (Episode Runtime: 1:35) Direct YouTube Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIKDoTGBaTU EPISODE REFERENCES: New XSS vulnerability affects IE 11 running on Windows 8.1  – Computer World Full Disclosure post about the flaw – Seclists Follow up post on Full Disclosure – Seclists Proof-of-Concept exploit illustrating the issue  – Packet Storm —  Corey Nachreiner, CISSP  ( @SecAdept )

Syrian Honey Trap – Daily Security Byte EP.16

Bad actors have always tried to lure us into doing things we shouldn’t by appealing to our base, carnal instincts. Today’s daily infosec video shares why you might want to avoid “hot girls” in general online. (Episode Runtime: 1:38) Direct YouTube Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyivxEiCuKM EPISODE REFERENCES: “Hot Girls” are still an effective lure, even among nation-state attackers – Gizmodo FireEye’s report on the Syrian “Hot Girl” attack campaign [PDF] – FireEye —  Corey Nachreiner, CISSP  ( @SecAdept )

Poodle’s Back – WSWiR Episode 132

Another week, another batch of information security (infosec) news. Would you like a quick summary, rather than hunting it down yourself? No problem! Just check out our weekly video every Friday. Today’s episode covers the Patch Day bonanza, lots of updates on the Sony Pictures breach, and a new twist on the “Poodle” SSL/TLS vulnerability

Shellshock – WSWiR Episode 123

Serious Bash Flaw affects *nix, Mac OS X, and IoT Normally, my weekly video covers a number of important information and network security stories, in order to keep you informed of the latest threats. However, this week one story is so important I give it the primary focus. Today’s show covers the critical “Shellshock” vulnerability in Bash.

Can your organization be Hack Immune?

This past few months witnessed a record breaking global level of malware threats and APTs (Advanced Persistent Threat) that put the mightiest of Enterprises’ security at jeopardy! Since December 2009, post the Google Aurora attack, the way Enterprises see APTs has changed forever. Even the last bit of resistance was wiped out when World Bank, Morgan Stanley was taken down by such threats too. The challenge with this type of security attack is the manner in which Enterprise IT Security is hacked – slow and disguised.

Are Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Cybercriminals?

Kids these days. Up to their usual antics like cutting class, inventing new senior pranks and…hacking into computer systems? Lately, high school campuses have been the breeding grounds for what seems to be a rash of teenage cyber hacks across the country and internationally.