Module – 24 Zero-Touch Deployment with Aruba Active and Airwave

This module covers Zero-Touch provisioning of an IAP using Arubas Cloud-based activation service “Activate” plus AirWave to automatically push configs to remote sites. Click here to learn more about Aruba’s wireless networking... Read more »

Securing Active Directory: Analyzing Group Membership

Part of securing Active Directory is ensuring that the groups that have privileges have the correct members. Of course, obtaining the members of a group is not all that hard. Read more »

Securing Active Directory: A Glimpse into the Future

As an MVP in Directory Services, I feel it is my job, duty, and responsibility to share, explain, and provide feedback into past, current, and future technologies that Microsoft provides with... Read more »

Active Directory Object LDAP Syntax

A typical day ​   of an Active Directory administrator entails working within a tool, such as Active Directory Users and Computers ( ADUC ), Active Directory Sites and Services (... Read more »