Launch secure, browser-based Windows RDP, SSH and Telnet sessions from Password Manager Pro

Launching remote login sessions: Ease of use Vs Security

Organizations are deploying privileged password management
solutions to mitigate cyber threats and control access to sensitive IT
resources. Access requirements themselves are changing in
response to evolving business demands such as partners and contractors requiring remote access to internal resources. In turn, IT is seeking solutions
that are secure, easy to use and let end users launch a remote login
session with a single click, regardless of the target system type or
authentication method and, at times, without disclosing the passwords.

Despite such a strong business case for secure, direct access
to remote resources, current solutions in the market require
inconvenient and insecure practices like deploying end-point agents,
helper programs at user desktops and browser plug-ins to make remote
login work. The inherent security limitations associated with such practices make the
IT Managers reluctant in leveraging auto logon.  In fact, ease of use and security have always been orthogonal
goals, nevertheless a constant search by IT admins in a space like
remote access.

Password Manager Pro Perfects Remote Sessions

Password Manager Pro changes this scenario altogether – it helps IT Managers and admins realize their goals while
evolving to be the best remote access solution for various types of
systems.  The latest release of Password Manager Pro (v 6.5) comes with HTML5-powered, first-in-class remote login mechanisms to deliver on both ease-of-use and security.

From any
HTML5-compatible browser, users can launch highly secure, reliable and
completely emulated Windows RDP, SSH and Telnet sessions with a single
click, without the need for additional plug-in or agent software and without even disclosing the passwords in plain-text to the users.

Not just first-in-class, but also the best-in-class too

The auto logon mechanisms are very reliable as connections are tunneled through the Password Manager Pro server, requiring no direct connectivity between the user
device and remote host. That means, the user needs connectivity only to the server and can still launch remote sessions to multiple end points. This provides extreme security as passwords needed to
establish remote sessions do not need to be available at the user’s

In addition to extreme reliability and security, desktop, laptop and tablet devices – including the Apple iPad – can take
advantage of improved remote login.

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