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5 simple tips for superior security for SMBs

Email security and threat protection can easily slip to the bottom of your list of priorities when you’re managing IT for a small or medium sized business. With so many tasks to get through day-to-day, your energy and focus are drawn in other directions. Our five simple tips will help you home in on a […]

Email Scammers Impersonate U.S. Government Agencies Offering Pandemic Financial Assistance

Taking advantage of people in their time of need, these bottom feeders of the cybercriminal world promise assistance and, instead, collect personal details to make a buck. While the world waits on vaccines to be widely distributed and for the pandemic to finally be over, there are plenty of people that are still hurting financially […]

Threat Actors Take Advantage of Exchange Online and Outlook on the Web with New Levels of Sophistication

New insight from Accenture Security highlights specific ways attackers are changing their tactics to make Microsoft’s email platform a tool rather than an obstacle for phishing attacks. We all tend to think of our email platform as something that helps create a more secure environment four our networks. But new disturbing information found in Accenture’s […]

Leaked U.S.-UK Trade Documents Show How Devastating Compromised Email Can Be

An ongoing criminal investigation highlights how classified documents stolen by Russian hackers from former U.K. trade minister Liam Fox may have been used to impact the British 2019 election. Late last year, these trade documents were leaked and disseminated online by a Russian disinformation campaign. The new addition to this story, according to Reuters, is […]

Make the Email Archive Available to Staff Working From Home

Like most of you, we at MailStore are also having to adapt to new working conditions due to the Covid-19 situation. For safety reasons, many companies are currently allowing staff to work remotely from home. I, for one, am currently operating from my temporary workspace at home. But to be as productive as I am […]

Security tips by Dave Malarky, CEO: Email

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJ3fbSFvX90 You don’t need to resort to bow and arrow to communicate. It’s okay to use email. We’ll protect you. Click HERE to learn more about Sophos’ security solutions!