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COVID-Related Phishing Attacks Return to Mid-Pandemic Heights

New data from Palo Alto Network’s Unit42 provides a wealth of insight into specifically how cybercriminals have leveraged COVID-related theming to ensure a successful phishing attack. Throughout the last 14 months, the bad guys have consistently kept pace with the state of the pandemic. They have been looking for the best aspects of the COVID […]

Which phishing messages have a near 100% click rate?

Zeljika at HelpnetSecurity had a great summary of Wombat’s latest State of the Phish report: “Training employees to spot phishing emails, messages and phone calls can’t be done just once or once a year if the organization wants to see click rates decrease. For one thing, employees come and go (and change roles) with regularity. […]

Cryptowall Virus Epidemic: Do You Know the Signs and Symptoms?

A few years ago one would not have imagined that computer files could be held for ransom. Today, the idea of such a hack still seems far-fetched, but this was reality in late December, for a law firm in British Columbia, who never saw it coming. [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc8LuwT6zD8[/embedyt]   Cryptowall Makes an Appearance According to […]