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Which phishing messages have a near 100% click rate?

Zeljika at HelpnetSecurity had a great summary of Wombat’s latest State of the Phish report: “Training employees to spot phishing emails, messages and phone calls can’t be done just once or once a year if the organization wants to see click rates decrease. For one thing, employees come and go (and change roles) with regularity. […]

Rigging Wired Security at Saxon Energy Services

Maintaining a network aboard mobile rigs around the world is a challenge, but Saxon Energy Services has managed to provide a reliable connection for its employees with enhanced visibility and control for administrators. Network Specialist Sheldon Wong explains how Saxon Energy has utilized Cisco Meraki security appliances to connect sites and employees across four continents. […]

Using SolarWinds® Patch Manager Download Assistant for Adobe® Flash Updates

For more information on Patch Manager, visit: www.eminentware.com This video guides you through one of the steps necessary to ready Adobe® Flash® packages for deployment to your client systems; obtaining binary content for the packages so that they may be published to your WSUS Server or SCCM Software Update Point using Solarwinds® Patch Manager.