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Ransomware: Should I Pay the Ransom?

What do you do when your data is kidnapped? According to a 2014 UK research study, 41% of ransomware victims were more than willing to cave in to the demands of ransom-takers than lose their invaluable digital files for good.What would the sherriff do?In 2014, the Dickson Sherriff’s Office paid $572 as ransom when the […]

Cryptowall Virus Epidemic: Do You Know the Signs and Symptoms?

A few years ago one would not have imagined that computer files could be held for ransom. Today, the idea of such a hack still seems far-fetched, but this was reality in late December, for a law firm in British Columbia, who never saw it coming.[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc8LuwT6zD8[/embedyt] Cryptowall Makes an Appearance According to The Law Society […]