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Overcoming Virtualization Management Challenges with VM Manager Plus

Server  virtualization  has become a widely-adopted technology in data centers. The a bility to share all the available resources across various virtual machines ( VMs ) makes server  virtualization  highly  scalable  and efficient, which helps to  reduce  opex .  Apparently,  Gartner  found  more than 50 percent of overall servers in the world are  virtualized . By 2015, that share will increase to 75 percent

Cyber Monday Lessons: Apple Can Get Away with Outdated Mobile Sites…But You Can’t

Yesterday, I connected to  Apple’s w e bsite  on my iPhone, only to discover that the undisputed leader of all things mobile didn’t have a mobile-friendly website. Well to be fair, Apple does offer a native app for purchases on its Apple Store, but it’s ironic, isn’t it? Especially considering Apple helped to usher in the mobile craze dominating this week’s Cyber Monday stories.

The Power of Analytics – Part V

The concluding part of this series is all about what real analytics is and its benefit. This entire series has stressed the different aspects of employing an analytics tool in the network for getting the full benefit of the investment made on networking infrastructure. In the last couple of posts in this series , Dashboards and Reports were explained and there are a whole lot of tools out there in the market that can perform this function with great ease.

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager: The Silent Savior

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager makes it simple to manage your VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs). This virtualization management tool enables unified performance monitoring, capacity planning, configuration management, VM sprawl control, & chargeback automation for your VMware or Hyper-V environment.

Proactive Capacity Planning with SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

Take charge of your capacity planning using SolarWinds Virtualization Manager’s what-if analysis and planning tools. The virtual capacity planning and management capabilities in SolarWinds Virtualization Manager enable you to efficiently plan, manage, budget, purchase and report on the capacity of shared resource pools in your virtualized environment.