Application Traffic Growth Analysis using NetFlow Analyzer

Those who are using ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer for bandwidth monitoring may wonder what this capacity planning report really helps to achieve. The following things are benefits of using capacity planning report.

  • High Granular Traffic Report.
  • In depth visibility on traffic pattern
  • Traffic trending over a time period.
  • Analyze Traffic Growth.
  • Determine if it is really the business critical applications that were in the top 10 of your bandwidth.
  • Decide if the existing bandwidth is sufficient or not

Here is the simple use case scenario explains the need of capacity planning report when it comes to bandwidth analysis.

Scenario :-

Slowness in accessing business critical application hosted in remote site was reported by users in Head Quarters (HQ), this issue started appear on the network couple of month back.

The Network Administrator is given a task to identify the application traffic utilization for previous month. A tool without a capacity planning and Application growth report will only give total amount of bandwidth utilized by top applications for the selected time period.

Whereas the tool like ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer has an ability to show Application Traffic utilization growth with greater visibility, that is it can show daily usage of Top application.

The Network Administrator now drill downs to WAN interface of HQ and clicked on Capacity Planning report by selecting time period as previous month. The report generated will give traffic report with 1 Minute average and daily usage traffic.

At the bottom of the Capacity Planning report, he finds a interesting starts on Application Growth report, the report shows Non-Business critical application like http are using majority of bandwidth comparing with his business critical application.


Now, the Administrator narrow downed to the root cause, he produced the report to Top management with his action plan to resolve the issue. The action plan given by administrator is QoS implementation to prioritize the business critical application over the WAN.

Hence, the capacity planning report helps in high level trend analysis and effectively manage the available resource.

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