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Cloud Performance Monitor Free Tool for Public & Private Cloud

Learn more about the cloud server capabilities of SolarWinds Cloud Performance Monitor by visiting: www.solarwinds.com Mike Raab introduces you to the SolarWinds Cloud Performance Monitor Powered by Copper Egg! With this free tool, you can get real-time insight into the speed and availability of applications and services deployed on cloud, virtual and physical servers.

Visit SolarWinds at VMworld 2012

For more information on SolarWinds and our Virtualization Manager product, visit: www.solarwinds.com Robbie Wright, Director of Product Marketing for Virtualization and Storage at SolarWinds, invites you to join SolarWinds and partners VMblog and Acronis at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco. Follow @SolarWinds on Twitter to see where you can find us at VMworld, and watch for #VMworld posts for a chance to win some GREAT prizes.

How-to Customize SolarWinds’ Virtualization Manager

Customizing virtualization dashboards is a breeze using a robust search capability that enables you to search, filter and sort across collected configuration and performance attributes. This gives you incredible flexibility when creating dashboards, reports, alerts, trends and other kinds of content.

Performance Analysis with SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

Learn more about the performance analysis capabilities of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager. Quickly identify the virtualization-unique performance problems in your IT environment. Virtualization has created new performance management and monitoring challenges.

Proactive Capacity Planning with SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

Take charge of your capacity planning using SolarWinds Virtualization Manager’s what-if analysis and planning tools. The virtual capacity planning and management capabilities in SolarWinds Virtualization Manager enable you to efficiently plan, manage, budget, purchase and report on the capacity of shared resource pools in your virtualized environment.