Healthcare IT management

IT has penetrated into every single vertical a human brain
can imagine. The ease of management it brings into a system is simply too much
to ignore and another major reason for adoption of IT is the productivity
benefits it brings along with it.

The healthcare industry has seen a massive change in recent
times from a management perspective. Technology is simply to make life easier
and we need no better testimony to believe that technology not only improves
life but also saves it in some cases. IT has for good changed the business model
of the healthcare industry especially from an operations point of view. The
consequences of non-compliance to standards set by various legislative bodies
out of public interest could mean hefty fines and even cancellation of licenses
depending on the degree of non-compliance. IT helps a great deal in making
compliance easier and that is one of the major reasons for healthcare
organizations to adopt quickly.

Adoption of IT networks is getting increasingly smarter with
smartphones, tablets and a lot of other smart technology that has helped making
the scenario paradoxically simple and complex.

IT network management in the healthcare industry has a lot
of complexities ignoring which can act very detrimental to the organization. A
few issues that majority of the organizations face due to the IT network are:

  1.  Unstructured
    management of the IT network
  2. Security lapses leading to data breach
  3. Network sluggishness and associated
    bandwagon effect

 In order to avoid these three major issues,
it is imperative to have in place certain tools that help in quick
troubleshooting and help getting visibility into the IT network. We, at
ManageEngine are glad to have been trusted by various organizations in the
healthcare industry to meet their network management needs. NetFlow Analyzer
has in its customer base several players from the healthcare and pharmaceutical
industry. We don’t just touch networks. We touch lives! 

Do read the case-study on Hospital Bandwidth Monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer here.

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