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ManageEngine and Microsoft Facts – Straight Up

I am responding again to Shijaz Abdulla’s post as I wanted to clear the air.  ManageEngine Respects Microsoft, A Lot We have a lot of respect for Microsoft as a company and personally. I am sure most of us started off with Microsoft. My first computer was running Microsoft Windows; my first browser was IE; my first email was Hotmail.

Facts Revealed: Beyond Microsoft Partner Technology Advisor’s Mythbusters

  In Reponse to http://www.microsoftnow.com/2012/02/how-a-manageengine-partner-spreads-fud.html Facts Behind Mythbuster #1 I agree, It’s absurd to compare ManageEngine products with a complete enterprise-gas (oops class) Datacenter/Private Cloud management Suite from Microsoft. It’s possible that ManageEngine resellers expected Microsoft products to work out-of-the-box like ManageEngine products. Maybe they just downloaded the Microsoft SCOM and expected to see Linux and Unix management instantly