Integrated Physical & Virtual Servers Management

A recent study on what business enterprises expect from a performance management system, has shown that of IT professionals are looking for a solution that offers integrated performance management of both, the physical and the virtual IT infrastructure.

With more and more businesses talking about data consolidation and virtualization in the same breadth, it is clear that the industry acknowledges the huge advantages of embracing virtualization. Moving to virtualization to leverage the operational benefits, the scalability, notable cut on the costs, and improved services, the management needs of the IT infrastructure keep evolving.

Roughly 60% of the IT personnel today have acknowledged using disparate
tools for performance monitoring, one for the network, another for
virtualized environment, and yet another for physical servers, besides
some home-grown scripts..  The data disparity leads to the inevitable
blame-game, resulting in compromising of SLAs and increased IT
operations cost, and wasted productivity.  As not all the businesses have switched to 100% virtualization, the performance management solutions now face the challenge of having to keep pace with the changing dynamics, and also have one or all of the following capabilities to manage the physical and virtual infrastructure from a single console:

  1. Out-of-the-box management of multi-vendor physical and virtual devices
  2. A design which allows to expand the scope of the application’s custom capabilities.
  3. Easy integration with other point products to provide a holistic solution.
  4. Useful plug-ins so that the network, server, and virtualization admins have to look-up to just one solution, and stay in sync and look at the same set of data to drill down to the root of a problem..
  5. A built-in ability to automate few workflows that significantly brings down the turnaround time..
  6. An easy handle to integrate with 3rd party software too when there is a need..

ManageEngine OpManager is an integrated physical and virtual IT infrastructure performance management solution, with support for VMWare and Hyper V monitoring, besides monitoring  the resources on physical servers for availability and performance.  If you haven’t tried the virtualization modules of OpManager yet, we urge you to test-drive now, and let us know if we can assist you through your evaluation.

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