A day with IT-Decision makers, Work’s not very appealing without a right solution!

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I have penned my thoughts on
technology here. Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by vastly
experienced and very busy personalities; and the experience is such that you
feel to share it to peers, right?

Most of you might be aware of the Manage Engine
user-conference which was held a few weeks back in Melbourne and Sydney (and we
keep doing that around the globeJ).
Such user conferences help our team to meet and interact with people who are
using our products. It’s fun. Watch this section for more information about the
next conference.

I was lucky enough to be part of our user-conference in
Melbourne and Sydney and even luckier to speak about Integrated IT Management.
I have been blogging a lot about this technology along with my colleagues so,
today I will try to share my experience of interaction with decision makers and
how they found value in such integration.

The most interesting part of the conference was there were
several IT Managers, Directors of IT and CIOs. These are people who are
the influencers and precisely understand what they need. They also have the
biggest responsibility to run the business which is hugely dependent on IT; a
lot to learn ;). After the presentation I got chance to speak to many of them.

Listed below are a few of the critical problems/ requirements
which I gathered from my interaction with them. These are in order of
frequency of usage during the interactions.

  1. Visibility into IT (This phrase
    was in everybody’s conversation!)
  2. Proactive monitoring
  3. Reliability and Scalability
  4. Customization
  5. Automation
  6. Interdependency mapping
  7. Managing multiple vendors and
    product licenses
  8. Budget

The presentation on Integrated IT Management was related to
their concerns. So how does the solution from ManageEngine: IT360 address these
problems? I am sure there are lots of other problems they face at work. I will
limit myself to only on those specified above and will take it one-by-one with
respect to how they saw value in IT360 during the presentation and demo later:

Visibility: With IT infrastructure getting more
complex and businesses getting more dependent on IT to run its critical
applications, lack of visibility can be disastrous. IT360 with its unified
dashboard eliminates the silo’d approach of IT management. Combining IT-operations
with service management helps the IT team to troubleshoot tickets faster by
identifying the root cause in the underlying network infrastructure. The image
below gives a preview of how a unified dashboard gives the visibility in to
entire IT infrastructure without hopping between multiple products.  


Proactive monitoring: I have mentioned in my
previous posts about how time and again the failure of IT-management tools in
identifying future load have resulted in huge business losses. The centralized-alarm
management feature in IT360 eliminates that headache. IT360 with its threshold-breach-notification
feature allows enterprises to generate alarms proactively to avoid any unprecedented
outcome. One can set alarms based on the trend-analysis reports generated by
IT360 for critical infrastructure or services. This can be done from a centralized
location and fixed across sites that are located apart-geographically in
different places.

Reliability and Scalability: We know how
difficult it is when our critical services like banking site, mobile services
or any critical booking portal goes down, don’t we? IT360 comes with a High-availability-configuration
architecture that makes sure that your end-users are never affected even if
there are any unprecedented incidents. In case there is an unforeseen incident,
the secondary server of IT360 takes the role of the primary server and all the data
which is always available with secondary server ensures the services are not

      IT360 has been designed keeping three
different market requirements and sizes in mind.IT360 cater to Mid-Large level
enterprises and MSPs. The probe-central architecture allows the product to
scale for the infrastructure you have.

Customization: What’s the use of a product if it
doesn’t work according to your requirements? IT360 allows you to completely
customize the dashboard according to your priorities, assign roles according to
your organization’s hierarchy and generate reports according to the parameters
you require to make critical IT-related decisions.

Automation: Well the expectations from this
department are huge. There are several areas where IT360 addresses the field of
automation today. IT360 has an automated network and applications discovery
engine which eliminates the process of human intervention. Auto-assigning technicians
and automatic ticket logging with ITIL enabled service-management module are part
of the product. IT360 allows your team to be more efficient by automating all
these processes which otherwise would have been a burdensome job.

Interdependency mapping: With IT360’s logical-grouping
feature, devices can be grouped together to form business services which can be
then monitored as a single entity. Today it is a manual process but with the
forthcoming 2012 releases, IT360 can automatically search and map the
dependency of devices.

Managing multiple vendors and product licenses: I
am sure everybody faces this problem at some point. In many situations, vendors
try to integrate different products using APIs which generally gives a loose
integration creating connection issues. Managing the add-ons is a big pain.
IT360 is built from the scratch by ManageEngine and all these modules are part
of a single downloadable product file. This eliminates the problem of dealing
with multiple support teams from different vendors and managing multiple

Budget: With an uncertain economy, I am sure
this is pretty much one among the top points. IT360 works on a pay-as-you-scale
model which means if today you don’t want to use a specific module, you are not
charged for it. When in future you scale or find the need of any module we will
just issue the license for the same. You don’t have to change anything in your
set-up or in the product.

This concludes the discussion on the points, demonstrated in
the demo, which drew the interest of IT decision makers. Let me know if you
find them interesting or related.

We have a live demo of the product running here. Feel free
to use it.

You can download a free-trial version of the product here.

I tried to keep it short, but then the interaction went just
too long 😉



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