ManageEngine IT360 – Top 3 features in 9050 release

The release of the latest version of ManageEngine IT360 happened last week –
the 9050 version release. It was a milestone release with several new features!
I shall discuss the top 3 features from this release…

  • IT360 has optimized its web console enabling mobile access using iPad
  • Diagnostics
  • Maps

Accessing IT360 from an iPad

A good number of vendors are starting to support access of their network
management software from tablets / iPads. One of the ways is based on modifying
/ optmizing the already available web-based consoles. The two important
challenges here are:

a. determine which parts of the network management application would be
accessed by the network admin / Manager, while on the move or while on a
vacation; not every aspect / part of the conventional web based network
management tool would be required; what level of granular information would be
required; the ease of navigation, etc.

b. how to deliver the information / functionality with the form factors of
mobile devices

These were some of the considerations that went in and finally ManageEngine
IT360 decided to support accssing the IT360 web console from an iPad with the
following features / functionality.

  • Alarms
  • Infrastructure Snapshots
  • Business Services
  • Capability to Search device

More features would be added in the upcoming releases of IT360 for iPad!

The Alarms View

The Infrastructure View

The Business Service View

Diagnostics in IT360

The Diagnostic Tool in IT360 helps you identify a problem, provide valuable
information about the problem and also suggest a solution. Diagnosis happens in
two modes:

  1. Services mode and,
  2. Log parsing

The problems are defined in three states:

  1. Error [represented by a circle in Red]
  2. Warning [represented by a circle in Orange]
  3. Discard [represented by a circle in Grey]

When a problem is of a high severity, it is shown in Error state [red]; when
a problem is of a lesser severity, it is shown in Warning state [Orange]. When a
corrective action is taken, manually or automatically, the Error / Warning state
moves [automatically or manually] to a Discard state [Grey]. There are
situations when corrective actions happens automatically from within the system,
without any manual intervention. For such Errors / Warnings, the state changes
to Discard during the next polling. There are situations when a manual
corrective action is required. Under such conditions, you need to manually
change the Error / Warning state events to Discard [after taking the corrective

For more information on this, please refer to the online help document here.

Topology Maps [View]

ManageEngine IT360 supports the concept of Maps as a means to view data in a
graphical format. The Maps View is used to represent network devices and
servers. It is used to represent a limited number, say, a critical set of
network devices and servers. Being a logical entity, you can group a certain set
of network devices and servers of your choice under a Map View and also
associate links between them. You use Maps View when you want to view, say, a
small number of network devices and servers that are otherwise spread across the
globe or across different locations. You may also create a sub map view within a
map and display the same as a shortcut icon in a Map View.

Background images [global maps, etc..] can be used for the Map View using the
available default images or, you may import your own background image.

You may also create any number of Maps [and sub maps]. Any sub map is shown
as a shortcut icon in a Map View.

For more information on Maps, please refer to the online help document here.

For a demo

iPad demo:

Product demo:

K.Lakshmi Shankar

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