Data representation and Unified Dashboards

This is in
continuation of Part 1 discussed in this blog. In this section, I shall take
you through the various features of Dashboards as offered in IT360 and how to
use them.

One major need that you come across in managing the day to day operations of your IT [from IT Infrastructure Management tools] is to create custom dashboards specific to the
following roles in your IT Department:

  1. Network
    Dashboards and Traffic Dashboards for your Network Administrators
  2. System
    Dashboards for your System Administrators
  3. Applications
    Dashboards for your Application Administrators
  4. Server
    Dashboards for your Server Administrators
  5. Dashboards
    for IT Managers, and CXOs

And, the most important
aspect of IT360 dashboards are its widgets and the possibilities / choices that
it offers. IT360 offers a set of default dashboards with widgets:

  1. Infrastructure

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