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Consulate Health Care Upgrades Wireless Infrastructure with Aruba Networks

Consulate Health Care CIO, Mark Crandall, discussed how the organization’s new Aruba wireless infrastructure helps Consulate meet its key objectives including improving patient care, attaining better clinical measures and protecting patients’ health data.http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140715005458/en/Consulate-Health-Care-Upgrades-Wireless-Infrastructure-Aruba#.U8U5nZRdV8EClick here to learn more about Aruba’s wireless networking solutions

SSL Offload Testing with HAProxy and Stunnel

There are a lot of SSL offload throughput statistics available for appliances across the internet but rarely do they detail the way they were tested we at loadbalancer.org wish to change that. What is SSL offloading/SSL Termination? SSL offloading is the process of moving SSL traffic decryption and encryption away from your web servers onto a centralised device, be it a loadbalancer or specific SSL offloading hardware

3 Ways To Send HAProxy Health Check Email Alerts

To follow up to Aarons blog on HAProxy emails alerts using logwatch I was looking into different ways to achieve the same results. Now the ideal way to monitor the health of the real servers is to to have a dedicated monitoring system in place such as Nagios( It even has a HAProxy plugin )

Who is taking the lead to the Clouds? Telcos, ISPs, MSPs or Enterprises?

If a book seller like Amazon can succeed as a cloud provider, why are telecoms so slow to get into the game? I suspect the barriers are more cultural than technical. Telecoms seem cautious to jump into new markets. The Cloud is attracting some big industry players, but that