[Live Webinar] How Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping can stop you from losing customers


With ever shortening technology life cycles, change is not only constant but also quite frequent in today’s IT enterprise. So can your business keep up with such rapidly evolving IT? To stay on top of the change management game, you need to know exactly WHAT components constitute your IT setup, exactly WHERE each of them are, HOW they all are interconnected, and WHICH business service depends on each component. Otherwise, your IT will perpetually be one domino fall away from collapsing upon itself.

Even a single unplanned change being introduced could potentially cause effects that ripple throughout your organization’s IT. By the time you get down to the root cause and take stock of everything else that was affected by that change, you could lose precious business due to the unplanned downtime or worse, you could have subjected your end users to a nightmarish experience. After all, the end-user perspective is the only thing that matters. To ensure a smooth end-user experience, you need actionable insights, not just plain inventory mapping.

With automated discovery and dependency mapping (ADDM), you can comprehensively map these interdependencies not only between the components themselves but between the components and the business services that rely on them as well. Give yourself the visibility that will enable you to preempt the impact caused by a change introduced in your IT. Or speed up the troubleshooting process to resolve bugs introduced by the change. Most importantly, insulate your customers from the adverse effects of downtime caused in the process of managing change in your IT. 

To learn more about how ADDM can go to bat for your business and help better retain customers, listen to Eveline Oehrlich, VP and research director (IT Infrastructure and Operations) of Forrester on our webinar, “How Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping can stop you from losing customers.” Learn:

  • What ADDM is, its challenges, and the benefits of adopting this approach

  • How you can make better business decisions and use ADDM  to recover quickly from application downtime

Also, catch an exclusive preview of the upcoming ADDM feature in ManageEngine Applications Manager. 

Date: March 10th, 2015 at 12 PM EDT (9 AM PDT)

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