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This Week’s Five: Tune Your Bandwidth

This Week’s Five  is the column where we bring to you a collection of five interesting reads from all over the web, with a different topic every week. This week, we are exploring  the importance of bandwidth and traffic flow  in the enterprise’s network.

FortiOS Cookbook – Application Control (5.0)

In this video, you’re going to learn how to use Application Control to monitor and control applications’ access to your network. Application Control is a UTM security system that monitors and restricts applications over your network, using the FortiGuard database of applications, which categorizes apps according to popularity, networking technology, app function, and risk. You can create a list of flagged apps or select by category, and monitor or block the actions of those applications using your existing firewall policies.

An Introduction to High Perf Reporting Engine from NetFlow Analyzer

When it comes to traffic reporting and network troubleshooting to find bottlenecks or bandwidth spikes, complete port level analysis of raw flows is required and this will help to find out the cause. NetFlow Analyzer troubleshooting report with Sub Minute visibility helps to identify Network Spike, Bandwidth Saturation etc. The Troubleshooting Report gives complete port level information for the selected time as it is generated completely from raw NetFlow data.

User privilege access in NetFlow Analyzer

We came across a scenario where our customer (a well know ISP) wanted to give access to their customers that the customers can login the UI of NetFlow Analyzer to view their data. The ISP has restricted the customer’s usage to a limit, thus having a logging to a monitoring tool like NetFlow Analyzer it will be an extra advantage for customers to know their up to day usage. To achieve this we have a couple of steps: 1)      Create a IP group for each customer 2)      Create a user for the customer and associate it to the IP group.

NetFlow Analyzer: Traffic monitoring in MPLS type of Network is made Easy

Frame Relay network are now being converted to MPLS type of network more rapidly. MPLS type of network helps the Network Administrators to easily manage the Network and MPLS network architecture is simple than traditional Frame Relay or packet switching networks. Monitoring Network traffic through NetFlow export becomes very handy in MPLS type of networks.