Network Latency Monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer

Majority of corporate network is switching to MPLS from Frame Relay networks. MPLS network
are more faster, easy to manage and reliable. Despite of faster data
transfer through MPLS network do suffer delay or latency.

Interested in
monitoring Network latency Round trip time on a MPLS network using
your bandwidth monitoring tool?

can be done only if you have ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer in place
on your network, because it is the only bandwidth monitoring tool
which has all the aspect of Bandwidth monitoring and Network
Performance Monitoring.

Consider MPLS Network as given

In site A there
hosted a People Soft server which is accessed by every user in Head
Office and Branch Office.

Administrator willing to monitor Response time and Latency for this
people soft application can create a WAN RTT monitor in NetFlow
Analyzer as given below and measure the metrics.

All Stuffs about
WAN RTT monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer can be viewed by clicking

Administrator can also
create IP group and Application Mapping with People Soft IP address
and Port, protocol to monitor the amount of traffic utilized by this
particular application on the network. There is also an
option available to create IP group automatically while configuring a WAN RTT


We have discussed
much about Mediatrace reporting in NetFlow Analyzer. The OnDemand
report will help you to find performance metrics of a flow on the go.
You can select the particular flow heading to People soft server from
Head Quarter device and analyze the performance.

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