Live Video Traffic Monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer with Minimal effort

Now! NetFlow Analyzer 9.6 got released.
So the question would be, what’s new in it?. Click here to get answer
for this. This blog is about a more exciting and
valuable feature for Networkers, as it saves time spend on report

Yes, this is about On Demand Mediatrace
reporting which I have already talked about in my earlier blog.
Instant report generation available for Performance Analysis of Media
rich traffic.

Cisco Mediatrace monitoring allows you
as a network admin, to analyze the performance of real time traffic
session on each hop. With this On Demand Mediatrace monitoring,
Network Admin has visibility of current sessions going on the Network
device and he can choose the session for which he needs performance

This feature saves time of network
admin as it instantaneously generate report and avoids manual
configuration Mediatrace session in the product.

Medianet On Demand feature helps you discover an IP flow’s path, on
the go. The On Demand Mediatrace feature allows you to monitor and
troubleshoot network incidents quickly, without any additional

Follow the steps given below to start Mediatrace On Demand.

  1. Click Mediatrace tab

  2. Click On Demand link in the
    Mediatrace page

  3. Select the initiator IP and Flow,
    you wish to monitor

  4. Click Start

The Mediatrace path details for the selected flow will be

Get more details on this feature by
watching this video:

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