This Week’s Five: Tune Your Bandwidth

This Week’s Five is the column where we bring to you a collection of five interesting reads from all over the web, with a different topic every week. This week, we are exploring the importance of bandwidth and traffic flow in the enterprise’s network.

During peak hours, the traffic in our network overflows, resulting in slowing down our work. What do we do then? Increase bandwidth or Optimize bandwidth? Which is cost-effective and which is expensive? Read on to find that out and more about organization’s network flow.

Bandwidth Optimization – Increasing bandwidth is just one way of taking care of the load on networks. It might be easier to optimize existing bandwidth.

Three Steps to Successful BYOD Bandwidth Management – In companies that support BYOD, the number of devices often taxes the network and complicates bandwidth management. But with the right combination of policy and technology, you can improve your users’ experience and lessen strain on the network.

Bandwidth Hogs: Reality & Myths – Failing to identify and deal with usage hogs proactively can cause problems across a network.

How will Peak Hour Internet Affect Your Network? – Your network is much faster at some times than others. What implications do changing usage habits and the emergence of an internet ‘peak hour’ have for how we design and build networks?

Easier Ways to Troubleshoot Network Routing Issues – Over the years, most annoying network routing issues have been resolved with one of two ways: either the multi-vendor adoption of standard technologies built into our gear or the deployment of clever third-party software.

In the modern era of smart thinking, be sure that your work is not getting affected just because your bandwidth is narrow.  So this weekend, set aside some time to give network performance a thought.

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