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Astaro Supports Charity in Friendly Soccer Tournament

This past Saturday, six members of the Astaro staff competed in this year’s charity soccer summer cup. Our selected group proved to be thoroughly motivated and energetic as it was all in good spirits and supported the Hänsel + Gretel Foundation ( http://www.haensel-gretel.de ).

Astaro Partner Roadshow 2011 – again a great success!

The Astaro Partner Roadshow is over again for another year. We visited 12 cities in Europe and in the Middle East and were able to welcome more than 500 visitors – a new attendance record! Held for the first time as a whole day event, high-profile speakers from the Astaro Management and Product Management teams gave a detailed insight into our strategy, roadmap and the status of new and upcoming product innovations

Hacking at the highest level of excellence

Large crowds reigned at the 10th hacking contest which took place during the LinuxTag exhibition in Berlin. The event was again sponsored by Astaro and saw six teams compete against each other to test their skills to the limit. Around 300 spectators watched and listened to the running commentary by the two moderators, Markus Hennig from Astaro and Kester Habermann from LinuxTag.

3 reasons why you need to archive your company e-mails

There are three good reasons for introducing an e-mail archiving solution: Mail server offloading – especially relevant for IT administrators, but also for users suffering from mailbox quotas Instant discovery – the ability to discover e-mails and attachments within seconds Compliance – archiving e-mails is a legal requirement in many countries In my experience, searching for old e-mails can be a hard task. I am always afraid to delete any e-mail as I might need it in the future and thus have collected many over the years