Hacking at the highest level of excellence

Large crowds reigned at the 10th hacking contest which took place during the LinuxTag exhibition in Berlin. The event was again sponsored by Astaro and saw six teams compete against each other to test their skills to the limit.

Around 300 spectators watched and listened to the running commentary by the two moderators, Markus Hennig from Astaro and Kester Habermann from LinuxTag. This year, the jury already revealed the systems in advance of the contest which allowed the teams to prepare “battle plans” in advance of the competition. All teams were paired up and competed against each other through three phases and worked to infiltrate the system while repairing security holes set up by the opposing team. The winning team was then decided by the total amount of points accumulated overall.

The contest conditions for the participants were challenging as they had to demonstrate their skill and concentrate under time pressure and the watchful eyes of the audience. This required a great deal of ingenuity and creativity and the teams did not fail. They impressed the audience with numerous spectacular hacks. “I thought that I was well versed with Linux systems, but these teams taught me better. Congratulations!” praised an interested spectator.

Astaro supports the Hacking Contest as every hacker has the potential to become a solid computer scientist who can overcome the obstacles and weaknesses of any system without any problems – which is an asset for every company and IT infrastructure.


We are happy to announce and congratulate this year’s winners:

In the first row – first place with 61 Points: Team Legofan
Members: Jakob Lell, Christopher Nguyen, Andrew Karpow

In the second row – second place with 32 points: Team POVaddict
Members: Christian Perle, Michael Karcher

In the third row – third place with 26.5 points: Das Green Team
Members: Bernhard M. Wiedemann, Rainer ten Haaf, Mathias Jeschke

The Hacking Contest in pictures:


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