3 reasons why you need to archive your company e-mails

There are three good reasons for introducing an e-mail archiving solution:

  1. Mail server offloading – especially relevant for IT administrators, but also for users suffering from mailbox quotas
  2. Instant discovery – the ability to discover e-mails and attachments within seconds
  3. Compliance – archiving e-mails is a legal requirement in many countries

In my experience, searching for old e-mails can be a hard task. I am always afraid to delete any e-mail as I might need it in the future and thus have collected many over the years. Until recently, digging through my folder structure could cost me my valuable time. Even through using a localized search engine, locating what I wanted to find took a while and used up a fair bit of system resources – my time was better spent getting a cup of coffee in the meantime. My e-mail had inadvertently slipped into a different folder whilst sorting, and locating the mail took up the best part of an hour.

And this is only the user side – not even taking the efforts and daily mail-related workload of IT administrators into account. They certainly don’t wait for me to ask for a recovery…

It always rings hollow when promoting one’s own products. But I’m just proud and happy that with Astaro Mail Archiving I can now retrieve a – say 4 year old – email within seconds. Even though having an excuse for an extended coffee break is not always a bad thing…

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