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How to Choose a Cloud Load Balancer

Load balancing of application traffic has been around for a long time. But, as more organizations move to the private and public cloud, it’s undergoing significant changes. Let’s look at some of the important considerations of this evolving technology.Three major requirements underlie IT operations and DevOps today: agile, efficiency and, multi-cloud operations.– Agile: The movement […]

Another year, another IP Expo show

We’re dusting ourselves off after exhibiting at IPExpo 2014. A huge thank you to everyone who visited our stand during the two day event. There were some productive discussions, light-hearted fun, and we even talked about load balancing!!! We love the opportunity to get some face-to-face time and felt the show was so good we’ve already booked up for IPExpo 2015

Shell-shocked by shell shock? Bash vulnerability explained.

Having recovered from the recent Heartbleed vulnerabilities we now have another headline grabbing vulnerability to keep us all busy. First let me say that our product should be perfectly safe and secure unless you’ve already shared your passwords or forgotten to run “lbsecure”

Windows NLB (WNLB) and its disadvantages

Whilst Windows Network Load Balancing (WNLB) has been constantly improved in each version of Windows since it’s introduction in Windows 2000, it still has a fairly extensive list of disadvantages when compared to a hardware or virtual based loadbalancer.

Source IP Addresses, STunnel, Haproxy and Server Logs

When using proxies such as STunnel and HAProxy it’s easy to loose track of the client source IP address. This occurs for example when HAProxy is used in it’s default configuration to load balance a number of back-end web servers. By default, the source IP address of the packet reaching the web servers is the IP address of the load balancer and not the IP address of the client

Tremor Video selects A10 Networks next-gen ADC for present and future scalability requirements

Tremor Videos’ Senior Director of Systems Engineering, Ray Acuna, shares why A10 Networks was selected to meet their high-volume video advertising demands. Their need to consolidate disparate…

10 reasons to choose Loadbalancer.org…

Anyone who knows Loadbalancer.org knows we’re a truly unique company, free from corporate constraints and wholly focused on more than just customer service excellence. Our main problem is communicating this message to the unfortunate few who are unaware of exactly what it is that makes Loadbalancer.org so special. So here I am going to attempt to convey the unparalleled Loadbalancer.org ideology by outlining 10 reasons why we really are such a unique company… 1) Excellent, personalized, technical support Our direct sales and support model means that there’s no need for customers to go through resellers or other outsourced agents (like many of our competitors).

Exchange 2013 – Microsoft finally have an email solution designed for high availability and load balancing

OK, So maybe my blog title is a little harsh. The Microsoft Exchange products have been pretty scaleable since Exchange 2007. Exchange 2010 had some vast improvements and you could tell that the Microsoft engineers had put a lot of effort into trying to ease the painful mess that was load balancing an Exchange 2007 cluster