How do you keep your development team happy?

Well its easy really, you let them buy some new toys to play with like 10Gb Switches and fiber cards which is our current little project (10Gb to our desktop workstations should be nice).

The other option which is always more than welcome and very well received by all the developers here at Towers is food mainly biscuits and cake as we lead such a healthy lifestyle.

Today is no exception to the rule and put a large smile on all of our faces when one of our favorites arrived in quantity we have never before seen.

That’s correct a whole box of 48 Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Bars, we could not wait to open the box and start with our morning coffee.

We might have had one or two….


…. any way back to work now but we think we know why they make so many its to keep the guys working





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