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Become an eagle-eyed network admin using OpManager’s push notifications

The secret to exceptional network management is periodically identifying and diagnosing network problems. Putting your experts at the network operations center (NOC) all day watching for a device to go down isn’t the best use of your workforce’s time. There has to be a smarter way to view potential network pitfalls without being glued to […]

Join us! Webinar on Managing Android Devices using Desktop Central

Hey, as you know Desktop Central has recently introduced mobile device management support for Android devices. This webinar will let you understand the benefits of managing Android Mobile Devices using Desktop Central, the steps to manage them and a walk-through of the features available in Desktop Central MDM

Desktop Central spreads its wings with App lock and global proxy support for iOS6

In the present technology world, mobiles and tablets growth has proliferated, especially when it comes to industries like Education, Health, Bank, etc. Apple has introduced “App Lock” feature that can enable enterprises to put mobile for some serious work.  This feature enables the mobile device to run only a single app in the device and Desktop Central provides full-fledged support for this feature that makes ipads and iphones more efficient in enterprises