Don’t Let Your Web Server Fall Victim to Sophisticated Malware

Recently, the micro-blogging service Twitter was a victim of different cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Malicious code had been distributed without the knowledge of its users via their accounts. Many people think... Read more »

Why Stuxnet Is Special

The Stuxnet Trojan was a specifically targeted attack on computer control steering systems. It is presumed that the aim of the attacker was to spy on steering designs in addition to... Read more »

“Why blame Google? Anyone can collect WiFi data these days!”

An opinion piece regarding Google collecting WiFi data by Astaro's Gert Hansen was published in SC Magazine : Google data collection scandal reveals careless approach to security at WiFi access points ... Read more »

Software error in old Astaro versions – update required

Dear Astaro Partners and Customers, We work constantly to ensure all our customers' networks are secure and connected no matter what version of the Astaro Security Gateway they are running. This... Read more »