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Don’t Let Your Web Server Fall Victim to Sophisticated Malware

Recently, the micro-blogging service Twitter was a victim of different cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Malicious code had been distributed without the knowledge of its users via their accounts. Many people think such exploits are only a problem for large international companies, but the simple truth is that only incidents at large or well-known companies hit the media channels.

“Why blame Google? Anyone can collect WiFi data these days!”

An opinion piece regarding Google collecting WiFi data by Astaro's Gert Hansen was published in SC Magazine : Google data collection scandal reveals careless approach to security at WiFi access points  The news that Google saves unencrypted content from WiFi networks as it collects data for its Street View mapping service is creating an uproar among the public. More and more data protection specialists are leveling harsh criticism at the company. Wrongly so, what is so alarming about the Google WiFi scandal is not the fact that data was collected

Software error in old Astaro versions – update required

Dear Astaro Partners and Customers, We work constantly to ensure all our customers' networks are secure and connected no matter what version of the Astaro Security Gateway they are running. This is why we wanted to inform our partners and customers of an upcoming software challenge we have identified that may affect installations using older versions of the Astaro Security Gateway. Please read below: What is the issue?

ASG 7.200 BETA upcoming!

This is a short pre-announcement of the upcoming 7.200 BETA version. Within the next days we are going to release 7.200 BETA as an ISO image and Up2Date package (you need 7.104 to install it). ASG V7.200 will include exciting new features like blocking Skype, improved IM/P2P detection including ip based exceptions and QoS shaping of these protocols.