Why do government agencies need network security?

Government and municipalities are especially vulnerable to Internet attacks and face a complex set of challenges–protecting the security of data transactions, complying with regulatory mandates such as FISMA and guarding against malware and viruses, all while providing the benefits of web and network communication to employees.

Attacks on smart-grids, government agencies and local municipalities demonstrate the vulnerability of government networks. In addition to protecting themselves from cybercriminals, government organizations also require technologies that allow IT administrators to create VPN connections and set up content filtering rules. Often times these organizations are understaffed, thus they require technologies that are easy-to-use and cost effective.

Benefits of security for government institutions
No government agency or municipality can afford to overlook network security. As security breaches become more common it has become even more critical for government agencies to secure their networks using network security technologies. Government agencies should look for products that protect while enhancing employee productivity.

Because government agencies tend to operate on a small budget compared to private companies it is important for these institutions to look for integrated, easy-to-use network protection, web filtering, and email security for protection from service attacks, port scans, worms, Trojans, botnets, and application exploits.

Protecting government institution from external threats is crucial; however, government organizations also need to protect themselves from internal breaches. The majority of breaches originate from accidental downloads of malicious content by employees. Content filtering capabilities allow government organizations to block access to websites with malicious content and prevent threats from being downloaded in the first place.

Having a product that also provides quarantines of network traffic breaches and infections will help network administrators at government institutions as they can react to breaches before infections spread to the entire organization.


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